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In Montenegro throughout the year maintains a large number of festivals, which include all forms of art. Each is distinctive in its own way and any of them is organized with lots of love of artistic passions.

Podgorica’s cultural summer

Podgorica Cultural Summer, has been, for more than one decade, held under the patronage of the City of Podgorica, Secretariat for Culture and Sport, assisted in carrying out this task by the City’s institutions of culture. A range of cultural manifestation during the summer months in the capital city. Worthy of mentioning are numerous theater plays in the open, movie nights and concerts on the roof of Culturally informative center Budo Tomovic.

Cetinje biennale – Cetinje

Very important fine art manifestation both for Cetinje and for Montenegro. Manifestation has turned into an International biennale of modern fine art. This prestigious manifestation is held on Cetinje every two years. Artists, creators, and critiques from all over the world gather on Cetinje to, while enjoying in beauties of this town, present their works, and often to organizes themselves various painting and artistic work shops in which new works are created.

Festival of the under water film – Kotor

Manifestation, which as a goal has getting to know of the Montenegrin under water world on which distinguished domestic and foreign moviemakers, gather. During the several days of the program on projections you can see the beauties of the under water world, as well as the skills and daring of the divers. Every year the guests who enrich the program with their achievements which are made in the water all over the world seas and oceans are more and more numerous.

Boka night- Kotor

One of the most famous tourist manifestations in Kotor  recognizable by the defile of boats, which decorated take part in the competition.Boka Night is an annual event in Kotor, held the third Saturday of August. The event include a parade of boats in front of the old town , parties all over old-town, and a fireworks show to highlight the evening. The boats cruising along Kotor harbor, covered with lights and decorated in a range of colorful themes. At the end of the parade, and aware will be given to the best decorated boat.

Budva Theater city

Budva is  well known by the cultural manifestation Theater city, which is a synonym for theater life of Montenegrin coast during the summer. Theater city lasts for already 20 years, and it usually starts in July, and it ends in the middle of August. Except theater it is possible to get familiar with the local music and fine art works.

Mimosa Festival

Mimosa Festival held every February, throughout the town, heralds the arrival of spring and attracts over 20,000 visitors in celebration of their iconic flower. First celebrated in 1969 the festival sees a myriad of cultural events, great food, wine, music, parades and carnivals.

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