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Orthodox believers in Montenegro are celebrating Christmas Eve, announcing the most joyous Christian holiday, Christmas – the birth of God’s son Jesus Christ.
Christmas Eve is named after the Yule log, which, according to ancient custom, the first dusk, entered the home with a special ritual. Christmas Eve is a young oak tree or cerovo. Christmas Eve is the symbol of the tree, which, according to tradition, the shepherds brought Joseph and Mary to light a fire and warm the cave where Jesus was born.
Eve comes on the eve worse until Christmas, when it announces the joy of Christ’s birth.
On the eve of Christmas straw sprinkled the floor, and homes converted into the cave of Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born, which is bent in the straw, and where the first pay tribute to the shepherds.
The village houses straw lying for three days, while in the cities of homes brings a bundle of straw, which is set on Christmas Eve. The houses are sprinkled with grain. Christmas Eve is a family holiday when family members gather around the table obligatory fasting.
Christmas Eve and Eve on January 6, celebrate all Orthodox churches and believers who observe the Julian calendar – the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Holy Mountain, old calendarists in Greece and Egyptian Copts.