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Black Lake is situated at the foot of Medjed. It consists of two small lakes, Great and Small Lakes. These two lakes are connected by narrow stream consists of two separate aqueous continent.
Black Lake is a lake in Zabljak municipality, in northern Montenegro. It is a glacial lake, located on Mount Durmitor, at a height of 1416 m. It is located 3 km from the town of Zabljak. The Black Lake flows into the numerous mountain streams, and the most famous Mill creek. Other streams have no name, since they appear periodically, when melting snow from Durmitor. Black Lake is a major tourist attraction of Durmitor. It is the largest and best known of the 18 glacier lakes on the mountain.
Legend has it that once upon a time, passing by St. Sava. Local villagers accused him that he stole something, and they took justice into their own hands and decided to punish him for stealing. Retreating before angry villagers, Sveti Sava cast a curse that water submerged the village and its inhabitants. The villagers attempted to escape the coming invasion water, but without success. Those who fled to the mountains, the water drowned Mali, and those who have fled to the other end, sink Big Lake.
Surrounded by dense forests of black, Durmitor pine, which, along with a massive of Durmitor, reflected in the clear water, giving him an indescribable shade of black, the lake and gets the name of Black. According to some, the name of contributions and the dark depths of the lake, especially Mali, whose bottom reaches depths of up to 50 meters.
Whatever the reason that brings you to the shores of the lake, you will not ever forget the indescribable beauty and tranquility of pristine nature that surrounds it.