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Cijevna is a river that runs through Albania and Montenegro. Tube wells on the north side of Prokletije, the mountain west of the Trojans. The total length of the river is 56 km, a confluence of her covers 360 km².

Little river Cijevna has unified its appearance the whole beauty of Montenegrin rivers – a deep canyon with high cliffs that surround it and a host of thresholds in the turbulent water stream of the mountain river. Complete this exciting image is complemented by typical mediterranean landscape of – clusters of grenades, figs and grapes, which grow right on the steep slopes of the river canyons. Thanks to the close distance from Podgorica, Cijevna river is often used to break local residents. The Cijevna is often bathe and rest on its coast where there is a famous waterfall Niagara with Italian restaurant next to it, so tourists often come to see him.

The river has a brightly expressed mountain character. During the rainy season and the melting snow of the season it is crowded, and the years its level is running low, but it certainly leaves the possibility of irrigating the valleys located in the environment and used for growing grapes.

River Cijevna is a classically pure proof of beautiful Montenegrin rivers!