All Christians are celebrating patrons sincere love. Orthodox believers celebrate Saint Tryphon. The custom of the feast celebrated in mid-February Valentine’s dates from the time of ancient Greece and Rome, when they celebrated the patron deity of fertility and sanctity of marriage.

On this day around the world to send over a billion greeting cards. Apparently, ask at least 10 million women, many couples just get married in the next few months. Love “blooming” in February, because Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the feast of the most beautiful planetary feelings. Valentine’s Day is credited romantic figure of St. Valentine, who according to legend, gave life for the sake of respect for those in love. Another important feast is celebrated on the same day, when Orthodox Christians to the Holy Tryphon, the patron of wine and viticulture. Both holidays were nice and connected, for wine and love go together.

Today, around the world celebrating Valentine’s Day, a Catholic churches in St. Valentin.