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The ends of the foot Prokletije known for its abundance of water and springs, but as the most beautiful and the most abundant of all consider Ali-Pashas Springs. Remote only a kilometer away from Gusinje, at an altitude of 925 meters, these sources have for centuries constituted an indispensable part of human life in this area.

Sources named after Ali-Pasha Gusinjski, famous historical figures, which raises the blockhouse near the source, to be able to enjoy their beauty and freshness of their fresh water. Sources are a symbol of life in this region, and they are on their banks solve disputes and reconciled feuding fraternity, enjoyed good food and widely famous cheese, cream and lamb. This place has become an important resting caravans and traders on the way from Dubrovnik to Istanbul. Thus, people from different regions and cultures of origin in addition to do business, and arranged trade.

Even today, the sources gathering place Gusinjac from around the world, as well as the many tourists who visit these sources every year. Cold water from the source leaves no one indifferent. Locals say that a large number of people come to Ali-Pasha springs, to drink water from the spring. The water from Ali-Pasha’s origin goes, and it is the water that the world does.

Ali-Pashas Springs, rightly symbol Gusinja. More if the competent effort to obtain this tourist resort glow it deserves in relation to the natural wealth and tourist Gusinja whether Montenegro would be richer.