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Cities on the Montenegrin coast will certainly charm you with its charm, variety and Mediterranean flavors. From Ulcinj (which was once a pirate town, today is a tourist paradise), Bara (city full of historical monuments, with a new modern city center, harbor, marina, hotels), Budva (which of Buljarice through Petrovac and St. Stefan, to Self, is the tourist capital of Montenegro), through Tivat (beautiful and peaceful town), Kotor (which is under the protection of UNESCO as a cultural and artistic treasures), to Herceg Novi (irresistible tourist town full of greenery, flowers, stairs and beautiful historic buildings) each city is a different story.
Montenegrin coast is 293 km long, 117 plaza has a total length of 73 km. You can choose what suits you best – sand, stone or rocky beaches. A long sandy beach or small and intimate beach. Beaches with various supporting facilities or rustic pristine beaches.
Nowhere will you see a beautiful sunset, an explosion of colors and emotions, contrasts of mountains and the sea – as the Montenegrin coast!