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Christmas is for all Christians celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is not only a day of family joy, but of all the fraternity, village, tribe and beyond.
Montenegrins Christmas is considered one of the greatest holidays. Christmas celebration begins on Christmas Eve, and it was on the eve of Christmas. In the morning at the dawn of the house, alone or with somebody else goes into the forest to cut down and bring home the Christmas holiday. On Christmas day carries out all work, and most preparations were being made for Christmas Eve and Christmas. It should be noted that it is a custom that on Christmas Eve anything out of the house does not give nor can go to the other that it borrows. At Christmas and on Christmas Eve, be sure to sing with the harp, of course, when you wash. When a student leaves his home, leaves something a little money beyond the Yule log, which is taken to be a housewife and student to donate socks and a handkerchief or something similar. For some this is a tribute to the participant gives to Easter.

It should be noted that in some parts of Montenegro on Christmas morning serving special dishes. All of the above practices in connection with the celebration of Christmas are described on the basis of data collected from people from many parts of Montenegro, with hundreds of details that are not listed from place to place different.
On the first day of Christmas does not go anywhere out of the house, but family is together enjoying lunch and a warm family atmosphere. Christmas lunch is the first mass meal after a long fasting and always rich and varied, but it is marked by two indispensable elements: cesnica and sirloin. Lunch is the most solemn moment of Christmas, a Christmas table, according to popular opinion, it should be full and abundant!