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Church of the Holy Apostles Peter’s church in Bijelo Field, built by the Hum prince Miroslav, brother of Stefan Nemanja. The inscription in stone marking the founder, does not contain the date of the building, and assumed that was built in 1190. year. For this monastery is written Miroslav Gospel.

The church of St. Peter in Bijelo Field originated Miroslav Gospel, the most important monument in Cyrillic Serbian-Slovenian literacy. This church belongs to the complex rascian sacred whole. Romance is the form in which reproduces the byzantine cruciform scheme. The church has a single nave with a dome. The church is reconstructed several times. Church from the very beginning is becoming a cultural and enlightening center in the valley of Lima. It teaches reading and writing, and shall be established and copying school for monks. About its importance is the fact that he transferred here in 1254. The episcopal see of Ston. The rulers of Nemanjic attach great importance to her, asking for her bishops trusted friends or prominent members of his family.

Prince Miroslav intended this gospel’s, liturgical book where texts are arranged according to the readings during the church year, its endowment, Church of St. Peter on Lim. For its beauty and value of this manuscript is unique in the history of world culture. Nothing like that is not saved before or after him.