Molika, “mura” or “elov” white pine is a coniferous tree species from the family Pinaceae. Molika is about 30 meters tall tree and can grow up to 50 meters. There are about 30 – 35 cm diameter at breast height. Develops proper, cylindrical rounded crown. At higher altitudes has incorrectly and branching tree.

This conifer in Europe sought and valued primarily as an ornamental species. Molik called the queen of the flora of Montenegro. It is the only fifth needle larch, for example, while Scots pine has two pins. It is decorative so that the botanists proposed to be a trademark of Montenegrin flora. Areal Molika quite broken and includes the mountainous areas of the Balkan Peninsula. In Montenegro grow on Zelentin.

It grows quickly and can experience the age of 200-300 years. Wood Molik is easy, soft, durable and of good quality. It has a very wide range of use.