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Canyon Nevidio is considered to be the most inhospitable canyon in Europe. It is completely impassable except for professionals who must simultaneously be both climbers and divers. Nevidio is now available to tourists and enthusiasts who are ready to embark on an adventure.

They say the unusual and extremely strange name of the canyon has a literal meaning – Nevidio. The locals called the “unseen God” according to legend, according to which God himself is not a video from inside the canyon. They say that until 1965, when he finally conquered canyon, human foot had never set foot in his terrible depth. Highlanders villagers called him “the wonder of wonders,” and with awe pronounce his name … The canyon is about 3.8 km a passage through it is needed almost all day. The fall of the canyon and the water flow is large with a large number of waterfalls, whirlpools and rapids. Canyon cliffs reach a height of about 450 meters and the width of the some places reaches only half a meter. Apparently there is one place where a record 25 cm width! The maximum width of the canyon is 500 meters.

Canyon Nevidio is literal translation of the word – NEVIDIO. It is a privilege only to most stubborn, brave and immense lovers of nature. Canyon Nevidio represents a kind of gallery of nature whose sculptures are carved by stones and water. Canyon Nevidio although explored for many will remain untouchable, and its stone piles will keep one of the most beautiful works of art of nature in this region.