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Lisa Mountain is located at the southeast end of the range of Bjelasica and north of the pass Tresnjevik who had separated from the massif of Komovi. At the crossroads of mountain elevations – Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije, Andrijevica uniquely represents the picturesque landscape that binds these massifs. Andrijevica is located in the northeastern part of Montenegro, at an altitude of 740 meters.
Sublime landscapes of untouched nature do not leave anyone indifferent. This is a relatively young town, or the territory of the municipality has always been a place of human activity and economic activity. The beginnings of the development of infrastructure linked to the opening of restaurants, craft shops and trgovinsih mid-nineteenth century. Mountain Lisa binds Komovi and Bjelasica, but out here walking and biking trails, and from here you can choose between downhill towards Gradisnica, Kolasin and Berane. The view from Lisa is provided on all sides. Residents of these areas are the traditional inhabitants who appreciate passers-by and guests, so do not hesitate to provide a review of the environment. Decide whether to share that wisdom with you, listen, and offer you homemade brandy and cheese, you do not refuse.

When you reach the saddle of Lisa, the view stretches in all directions, and see Komovi and Bjelasica, rivers and valleys all around. Pass through a couple of nice, live summer pastures.