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Mountain lakes in Montenegro are glacial origin. On Durmitor the famous Black, Zmijenje, Malo, Skrcko, Susicko, Poscensko, Blue, Wave, Devil and Fish Lake. From the lake with stunning natural beauty stand out black, Biogradsko and Plav.

Looking at the colorful panorama of Durmitor area, a man can not, but that does not think about the origin of this dramatic landscape and influence of powerful natural forces that participated in its creation. A special feature of its clear, green blue shades of the lakes, as is inevitable in all its impressiveness, peace and quiet are entered into a space dominated by rocky cliffs, sharp turn to the sky peaks, gorges, canyons, meadows and pastures.

In Montenegro there are 30 permanent lakes, but most of them are on Durmitor – 12. The mountain lakes are about 600 species of algae, of which 230 were new species for algal flora of Montenegro!