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“Njegus” were Montenegrin tribe in Katun’s county, in Montenegro. “Njegus” tribe is one of those from Katun’s county – Lovcen mountain villages around the north of it. Like other tribes, and “Njegus” be distributed to the blood community – brotherhood.

“Njegus” tribe has embraced Njegus Field and western under the mountain Lovcen, which rises over the fields. Around “Njegus” with east Cetinjsko Tribe, CekliCi tribe from the north, west and south of Boka. The main part of paninis makes Njegus Field. “Njegus” are right, the old and still preserved the name. It was founded by Serbs Zecani no doubt, that in ancient times had the “Njegus” summer pastures on Lovcen.

“Njegus” the cradle of the tribe of the same name, which has played an important role in history, giving prominent bishops and rulers of the Montenegrin dynasty Petrovic country. There are Njegos birthplace, house – tower Petrovic, house Rada Petrovic and Toma Petrovic. On the other side of the road, and in the same yard with Njegos is a house of Duke Mirko Petrovic and threshing floor, next. The house where he was born Njegos of stone, rectangular  the tavern, who belongs to the traditional type of folk architecture of the stone part of Montenegro, simple without any decorative elements.