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Svac was the medieval town and fortress in Montenegro. The latest research by the Montenegrin Svac archaeologists have led to estimates that the fortress in one period can be the seat of the state Vojislavljevic, original montenegrin national dynasty.

On the right bank of the river Bojana, Svac near the lake, in the territory of Montenegro, there is a town Svac, which extends in a rich and fertile field, between the montenegrin coastal town of Ulcinj and the former capital of Montenegro Skadar, which is now located within the borders of Albania. The study of the ancient city Svac, the former center of the eponymous diocese, was carried out in 1985 and revealed the rich Romanesque – Slovenian cultural layers that testify to his ten centuries duration and historic significance. Svac was probably founded at the beginning of the sixth century, and can be connected with the architecture of Justinian. In the rocks and thorns sleepy medieval town Svac.

Today Svac, although only on paper protected monument, sleeping on the same hill as the time when it was conquered by the Turks, only it looks more like wastes, and what more silent whispers about its history, the church which was how many days of the year , the times that were sweeping over it.