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Tara, the river which is called “Tear of Europe” also boasts a magnified and the way this beautiful Montenegro. Beautiful and clear green Drina certainly would not be such that it does not arise precisely from Tara (i Piva) … Tara is the clear and drinkable, mountain … adding her free to all known epithets, we will not exaggerate … But what makes Tara the most famous is its magnificent canyon!

The Tara canyon is famous for the deepest in Europe and in the world takes silver, second place. The Council and the gayer the only Canyon of the Colorado River in North America. Compared with the famous deserted Colorado, Tara canyon is extremely alive, green and lush, rich in evergreen and deciduous flora. The water in the canyon and along the river is first class and is completely safe to drink!
The canyon is known about eighty caves that are still under-explored and in some cases has established the existence of signs of life in prehistoric times. Tara Canyon is one of the local oasis of nature and Reserve for many endemic and relict species of plants and animals.
All this was reason enough to UNESCO and its program “Man and Biosphere” of 1977 okite and this emerald jewel.