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From dairy products in addition to cheese in this region are the most represented; cream or an old cream (sheep and cow’s milk). Snow white, cream pure sheep’s exquisite taste and most prestigious food item in this area …

The difference in the Serbian and Montenegrin “skorup” cream is great. Namely, in the mountains of Montenegro is represented Busha cows, milk her more fat than in Simmental, so she is stronger and richer cream. In the villages of the northern part of Montenegro, in addition to white meat greasier something without which you can not. It used to be cooked in milk feathering specifically for this purpose-made wooden vessels – were called “sprouts”, which were shallow, oblong and oval. Shallow – not require large amounts of milk, oblong – the larger the surface on which the expensive lactic fat. Today, this tradition is almost forgotten, in this way the cream collect only those housewives that their products right on the lot for sale.

The assumption that the processing of the cream cheese and old technologies tied to nomadic livestock imposed the need to take a brief look at the historical significance of the area. With a modern production of the dairy industry, native products (cheese, cream-cream) are our riches to be held, to adapt the modern market, but to preserve the specificity of their composition, processing, taste and give them a proper character.