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The people, cornel tree is a symbol of health and is used in some ceremonies, related to the health of household members (birth of a child …). Our ancestors were made of wood cornel wedge believing that it is the firmest. The ancient Romans were made of wood cornel spear.

Cornel is a medicinal plant and has been proven to be on the tree all medicinal cornel’s, leaves, twigs and bark over to fruits, seeds. Strong and healthy people do not happen to be compared with the fiddle. Saying “healthy as a cornel” in this our space has been used since ancient times, which only proves that our ancestors were well aware of the beneficial power of this wild plant. Nature is generous to mankind. At every step she generously offers his healing fruit. Cornel plant, sour-sweet fruit red color, can be read during  throughout the year.

If we know that the four biggest civilizations with medicinal properties were familiar cornel tree two thousand years ago, is more than absurd that we came at the opportunity that we have people in this region to meet with corenel plant and its products.

It is considered to be unfair cornel tree called berries, because it has in yards, orchards, plantations!