Lim je reka koja pleni u svakom pogledu. Bistra, čista i plahovita reka koja svojom zelenom bojom nikog ne ostavlja ravnodušnim. Ističe iz Plavskog Jezera i kroz useke, kanjone i doline tječe ka svojoj sestri Drini u koju se i uliva. Dugačka je 220 km i u svoj vodotok prima još nekoliko manjih reka, rečica […]

Epiphany is a Christian holiday which celebrates the memory of Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan and the appearance of God in the form of a dove and the voice, “This is my son, and listen to him.” Epiphany is one of 15 largest Christian holidays and the day in all the churches and temples […]

At Customs, the place where a person is closer to heaven, and God the Holy Temple was built. Or is. This temple raises his Highness Prince Nikola Petrovic first in memory of his father, the Duke Mirko Petrovic Njegos, courageous tribe Kuca 1900. This monastery is the soul of Komovi, history, reading book under the […]

Bordered by mountain peaks, intersected by creeks and bays, decorated with beautiful lakes, ornate century-old forests and gentle meadows, is a magnificent gift of nature. Biograd Forest National Park was established in 1952. Located in the north-eastern area of ​​Montenegro between the rivers Tara and Lim in the middle of mountain Bjelasica, covers an area […]

In Cetinje – Crnojevic in the printing, which is the last medieval lord of Zeta Djurad Crnojevic transferred to the perimeter of the Monastery of Cetinje – printed Oktoih first gazette, first Cyrillic printed book of the South Slavs. This printing of the first Montenegrin incunabula, prayer books, was started in the winter of 1493 […]

Montenegrin tribes or tribal society is authentic creations with their arrangement, territory and its patriarchal culture. Tribes are formed by joining families who have a common origin or ancestry. Limljani the tribe in northern under the mountain Sutorman. Not one Montenegrin tribe has no proportion to so many families who are native of the fugitives […]

Black Lake is situated at the foot of Medjed. It consists of two small lakes, Great and Small Lakes. These two lakes are connected by narrow stream consists of two separate aqueous continent. Black Lake is a lake in Zabljak municipality, in northern Montenegro. It is a glacial lake, located on Mount Durmitor, at a […]

Lisa Mountain is located at the southeast end of the range of Bjelasica and north of the pass Tresnjevik who had separated from the massif of Komovi. At the crossroads of mountain elevations – Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije, Andrijevica uniquely represents the picturesque landscape that binds these massifs. Andrijevica is located in the northeastern part […]

In the far north of Montenegro, in a mountain area, in a picturesque valley of the river Breznice and Cehotina is the town of Pljevlja. Stamp its historical and cultural heritage have given many conquerors because of him snatched the Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Turks and Austrians. The oldest traces of settlement of the Illyrians originate […]

Christmas is for all Christians celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is not only a day of family joy, but of all the fraternity, village, tribe and beyond. Montenegrins Christmas is considered one of the greatest holidays. Christmas celebration begins on Christmas Eve, and it was on the eve of Christmas. In the […]


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