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At the time while this part of the coast was under the rule of the Venetian Republic, the island was known as “Rondina”. However, its current appearance, but also the name of the people, this island owes Austro-Hungarians. In the mid 19th century, in 1853 the Austrian general and governor of Dalmatia, baron Lazar Mamula, […]

Wolf tooth (1805m / nv) is one of the highest peaks of the mountain Orjen, on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Do this and other Orjen peaks water well arranged and marked hiking trails. To Wolf teeth can be reached from several directions. There are lighter and heavier approaches and hikers PD […]

Igalo is a town in the municipality of Herceg Novi in Montenegro. The geographic position and astonishing beauty of nature make Igalo and Herceg Novi the most attractive tourist locations on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. Igalo is known as a tourist destination, thanks to healing – with sea mud Mud beach – or as […]

Becici beach is considered one of the most beautiful and largest beaches on the southern Adriatic. Sand is 1950 m long. Together with its hinterland represents a complex tourist resort. Becici beach in 1935 in Paris, received the Grand Prix (Grand Prize Golden Palm) as the most beautiful beaches in Europe this year. Since there […]

Molika, “mura” or “elov” white pine is a coniferous tree species from the family Pinaceae. Molika is about 30 meters tall tree and can grow up to 50 meters. There are about 30 – 35 cm diameter at breast height. Develops proper, cylindrical rounded crown. At higher altitudes has incorrectly and branching tree. This conifer […]

All Christians are celebrating patrons sincere love. Orthodox believers celebrate Saint Tryphon. The custom of the feast celebrated in mid-February Valentine’s dates from the time of ancient Greece and Rome, when they celebrated the patron deity of fertility and sanctity of marriage. On this day around the world to send over a billion greeting cards. […]

Canyon Nevidio is considered to be the most inhospitable canyon in Europe. It is completely impassable except for professionals who must simultaneously be both climbers and divers. Nevidio is now available to tourists and enthusiasts who are ready to embark on an adventure. They say the unusual and extremely strange name of the canyon has […]

From dairy products in addition to cheese in this region are the most represented; cream or an old cream (sheep and cow’s milk). Snow white, cream pure sheep’s exquisite taste and most prestigious food item in this area … The difference in the Serbian and Montenegrin “skorup” cream is great. Namely, in the mountains of […]

The people, cornel tree is a symbol of health and is used in some ceremonies, related to the health of household members (birth of a child …). Our ancestors were made of wood cornel wedge believing that it is the firmest. The ancient Romans were made of wood cornel spear. Cornel is a medicinal plant […]


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