From dairy products in addition to cheese in this region are the most represented; cream or an old cream (sheep and cow’s milk). Snow white, cream pure sheep’s exquisite taste and most prestigious food item in this area … The difference in the Serbian and Montenegrin “skorup” cream is great. Namely, in the mountains of […]

The people, cornel tree is a symbol of health and is used in some ceremonies, related to the health of household members (birth of a child …). Our ancestors were made of wood cornel wedge believing that it is the firmest. The ancient Romans were made of wood cornel spear. Cornel is a medicinal plant […]

Svac was the medieval town and fortress in Montenegro. The latest research by the Montenegrin Svac archaeologists have led to estimates that the fortress in one period can be the seat of the state Vojislavljevic, original montenegrin national dynasty. On the right bank of the river Bojana, Svac near the lake, in the territory of […]

The ends of the foot Prokletije known for its abundance of water and springs, but as the most beautiful and the most abundant of all consider Ali-Pashas Springs. Remote only a kilometer away from Gusinje, at an altitude of 925 meters, these sources have for centuries constituted an indispensable part of human life in this […]

Church of the Holy Apostles Peter’s church in White Field, built by the Hum prince Miroslav, brother of Stefan Nemanja. The inscription in stone marking the founder, does not contain the date of the building, and assumed that was built in 1190. year. For this monastery is written Miroslav Gospel. The church of St. Peter […]

River Cijevna is a river that flows through Albania and Montenegro. Tube wells on the north side of Prokletije mountains west of the Trojans. The total length of the river is 56 km away and her plum covers 360 km². Little river Cijevna has unified its appearance the whole beauty of Montenegrin rivers – a […]

“Njegus” were Montenegrin tribe in Katun’s county, in Montenegro. “Njegus” tribe is one of those from Katun’s county – Lovcen mountain villages around the north of it. Like other tribes, and “Njegus” be distributed to the blood community – brotherhood. “Njegus” tribe has embraced Njegus Field and western under the mountain Lovcen, which rises over […]

Mushrooms (mushrooms with leaves) is a life form whose fruitful mushroom body grows above ground and consists of a handle and a hat, a spawn of the ground. If the fleshy hat with pores, then talk about porcini mushrooms, and if the growth of the trees, then to wrinkles. There are also puffball, etc. The […]

Certainly the best olive oil in Montenegro also the best olive oil in the world. Olives and olive oil are a precious boon of nature. Throughout history, the olive is a synonym for peace, glory, power, fertility and wisdom. Olives and olive oil for centuries used as food and medicine. Besides olive oil is considered […]

Pljevlja is a town in northern Montenegro, on the border with Serbia and BiH. River flowing through the city Cehotina and Breznica and near the mountains Ljubisnja. Municipality of Pljevlja is the third largest in Montenegro, after Podgorica and Niksic. The municipality is one of the major economic regions in Montenegro because of the coal […]


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