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Untouched nature of Montenegro will offer you a place where you will be able to feel the pulse of nature, breathe fresh air and swim in the clearest rivers and lakes. Yes, we are talking about ethno tourism, which in recent years has taken hold in this region and thanks to whom in the beautiful Montenegrin village life came back. In relatively small Montenegrin area of 13.812 km 2, you can find most attractive tourist regions in the Mediterranean and Europe. Especially interesting and authentic facilities in rural tourism of Montenegro, like ethno villages are, are available in Durmitor, Bjelasica, Prokletije, Lovcen, Skadar Lake basin with Zeta valley and rural part of Montenegrin Seaside.

Ethno Village Brezna
Ethno Village Brezna is the first ethno village Montenegro. It is on the road Niksic – Plužine. In the village,there is also a restaurant where you can taste some of the best local specialties. Also, village has various ofers for tourists, such as organized rafting tours on the beautiful canyon of the river Tara. If you decide to visit this village, you will enjoy nature, peace and quiet. When you charge your batteries, you can return to your daily routine.

 Ethno village  Jatak

 Ethno Village JATAK – a unique connection of traditional and modern, is situated five kilometers off the road from Savnik to Zabljak, in the beautiful village of Petnjica. The village is located near major Montenegrin jewels of nature. There are picturesque trails of the National Park Durmitor, adventures through the Canyon Nevidio, fishing trips on five rivers and numerous lakes of this region. The water here is wild and fairytale clear. A large number of exotic waterfalls of up to 50 meters high are a special attraction of the region and one of its signs of recognition. Should you prefer walking or riding a bicycle, it is both ways that you could discover natural charms of this part of the country where large number of plant and animal species designated as natural rarities live. In Petnjca there is also a magnificent monument with the amphitheater dedicated to the father of Serbian Alphabet – Vuk Karadzic.

Etno village Vukovic

In the beautiful surroundings of Vraneška valley, 6 km far from the Slijepač Bridge on the way to Tomaševo, you will encounter an oasis for those who love nature and healthy living. It represents a pearl of the region with its authentic architectural style in the wood and natural materials. In the middle of the village you will find a lake, which is fed by water from the Ljuboviđa River. There is also an ethno restaurant, which is suitable for big events. It is primarily focused on specialties from the rich national cuisine including trout, veal, and lamb with bread prepared in a traditional way, polenta, gruel, and various types of homemade cheese and cream. Clean air, drinkable spring water and healthy food promises comfort, pleasure and peace.

Ethno village Izlazak

An interesting ethno village “Izlazak” (“The Rise”) was built in Rudinice, whose name says it all for itself. Ethno village “Izlazak” is the oasis of peace and quiet, warmth and fresh air, freedom and beauty, and , of course, the memories that will always stay. In this traditional but also modern place, at the edge of the canyon there are luxuriously decorated cottages (cottage-apartment made of stone, with a bathroom, then three four-bed wooden cottages with bathrooms, ant five two-bed wooden cottages). There is also ethno- restaurant “Koliba Izlazak”, which is a part of our ethno-village, and is set in a place where the first sun rays appear after the Sun rise. The restaurant has three cascaded terraces from which you can see blue water of the lake of Piva. Part of a village is set for the youngest visitors. It is a mini-park where children can use simple toys and play interesting games. Nearby cottages, nature has set the soft and plain ground that we turned in to volleyball and mini -football courts.


Ethno village Montenegro

Ethno village Montenegro offers you the unique experience of unspoiled nature. It is located near the majestic canyon Komarnica. It has interestingly designed bungalows and national restaurant Komarnica where you can taste  traditional Montenegrin cuisine. It offers you the option of organizing rafting on the river Tara, Piva lake rides and jeep safari on Durmitor ring.

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar is one of the most important tourism resource of Montenegro and Podgorica. It is natural gem, the origin of civilization, medieval spiritual and cultural center. The rich flora and fauna, the phenomenon of crypto-depression,the settlement for rare and endangered species of birds, makes it unique in the region and beyond. Visitors have a lot of satisfaction and opportunities for recreation. There are hiking trails, bike or shuttle type boat, bike, beach holiday, a visit to the island’s churches and monasteries. To feel the spirit and enjoy the beauty of Lake Skadar in full, it is best to stay in one of the neighboring houses, which offers accommodation. Your hosts will get you through interesting stories, authentic food and drinks that best evoke the spirit of this area. On Lake Skadar you can cruise, surf, fish, watch birds or ride a bike by its surroundings.


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