Montenegrin vineyards and the production of quality wine is part of the tradition of southern and coastal wine makers. Depart Kotor along the Budva Riviera and Petrovac toward the Capital City of Podgorica.The combination of climatic conditions, selection of good technologies and varieties of grape wines qualified the production of quality wines in Montenegro. The coastal area and the region around Skadar Lake are particularly suitable for grape-growing and wine production. Vranac and Krstač are two indigenous varieties of wine which Montenegrins are particularly proud of. Montenegro’s grape-growing tradition dates back to the 2nd century AD. Wine is kept in barriques and other wooden vessels in almost ideal climatic and technological conditions.

Burad   Čaša-Vino

The development of wine tourism in Montenegro officially began in mid-2007. Since 2008, is started the project “Wine Road of Montenegro”, where Montenegro modeled on other countries and their experience began with the identification and promotion of Montenegrin wine areas and regions. Wine Trail project should contribute to the promotion of traditional Montenegrin wine (especially wines from indigenous varieties such as the Vranac, Kratošija, Krstač in the region and beyond, and to provide winemakers sustainable sources of income.

There are many registered small wine producers and it is possible to visit .This private wineries are located in rural areas, and in ideal place for rest and escape from the urban life.You will get to see the natural beauty of the landscapes through which the wine road you’re on passes,traditions and special characteristics of the vineyard areas. Wine cellars of small private wineries are the best opportunity to learn about the tradition of wine production in Montenegro – this has been cherished here for centuries, combined with beauty of the scenery, traditional lifestyle, authentic rural ambience and traditional culture. The hosts  will offer wine from their cellar with the Montenegrin specialties – seasonal vegetables and fruit, cheese, ham smoke-dried beech wood, lamb, goat meat specialties, carp – from Skadar Lake saved in many ways .

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Nowdays, Montenegro has about 4.300 ha of vineyards. But the most important project in this area is “Ćemovsko field” in the vicinity of the capital Podgorica, in which Montenegro gained the biggest vineyard with modern wineries.

Also in recent years has organized several festivals aimed at promoting national wine production and wine tourism as well as the traditional festival of Mimosa in the Bay of Kotor, as well as the Festival of wine  in Virpazar wine festival in Igalo, Montenegrin market in Nahije.



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