Typical for every montenegrin river is that they are all very clear. Their water is literally gin-clear. In fact, for its clarity and incredible mixes of turquoise to emerald color in the deeper eddies, they are leading in Europe. Montenegro’s unique geographic position makes it the home of numerous pristine river canyons. Tara, Ljuča, Lim, Moraca Mrtvica, Zeta … all these rivers are of pure incredible beauty. They are a salmonid heaven on Earth. Brown trout, grayling, Danube salmon, marbled trout and lake trout are widespread throughout Montenegro. So, it’s a fly fishing paradise too. The rivers of Montenegro are swift with large drops in elevation and large volumes of water resulting from the high precipitation. They are exceptionally clear and unpolluted, suitable for rafting, fishing and other water sports. Some have carved themselves spectacular canyons; those of the Tara, Piva and Moraca are up to 1200 m deep — among the deepest in the world.

The longest rivers in Montenegro: Tara (144 km), Lim (123 km) around lakes (100 km), you (99 km), Zeta (65 km) and Bojan (30 km). Approximately 52.2% of Montenegro’s rivers belong to the basin of the Black Sea, the remaining 47.8% – Adriatic Sea basin. Three Montenegrin river (Morača, Zeta and Piva) throughout its length running through the territory of Montenegro. Montenegro’s longest river Tara – formed Tara River Canyon , which is a depth of about 1200 meters, and the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world.

Morača River

Rijeka MoracaMorača River is one of most beautiful river canyon in Montenegro which separates Moracke Planine range from Sinjajevina Mountain range. Moraca River originates in northern Montenegro, under Rzača mountain, at the height of 975 meters. In the Kolašin region, the Morača’s tributaries are the Koštanica, Sjevernica, Trnovačka Rijeka /River/, Javorski Potok /Brook/, and the Slatina, on the Mrtvica, Ibrištica, Ratnja, and the Slatina, on the left, and the Mrtvica, Ibrištica, Ratnja and the Požanjski Potok on the right. Apart from the Morača’s Platije Canyon, its right-hand tributary the Mrtvica also flows, for the most part of its length, trough a lesser known high canyon of breathtaking beauty. The region of the Morača River Canyon features the steep slopes of the terrain intersected with deep gorges and canyons. Morača River generally flows southwards some 113 km before emptying into Skadar Lake. In its northern part, the Morača River is a fast mountainous river, and has cut a beautiful canyon north of Podgorica. After merging with its largest tributary, Zeta River, just north of Podgorica, the Morača River enters the Zeta plain and flows through this flat area of Montenegro until it empties into the Skadar Lake. The Morača River is the biggest tributary of Skadarsko Lake.

Tara river

Rijeka TaraTara River, known as ‘The Tear of Europe’, runs through Europe’s deepest canyon, in the Durmitor national park, a UNESCO world heritage site. Tara River is the longest river of Montenegro (144 km). Tara River is derived of rivers of Opasnica and Veruša and of winter snow and seasonal rains, with its source in the foot of Komovi Mountains, and together with Piva River, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, forms Drina River from Šćepan polje. Tara River carved one of the deepest canyon gorges in the world which is 78 km long and more than 1300 meters high what make Tara River Canyon the deepest river canyon in Europe.  Tara River water quality and purity is so clean that you can drink water from it.  With the maximum depth of 1300 meters Tara River Canyon is the second deepest in the world, only to the Grand Canyon and offers exciting rafting adventures from mild to wild.

Tara River is very attractive destination , whether you’re a fan of extreme sports or just want an unforgettable experience on your holiday in Montenegro. The most attractive part of the Tara River canyon, which is 90 km long, is full of rapids, wild tributaries, waterfalls, rich forests full of various trees which are scraping the sky; old for centuries and can be up to 50 meters high.

Lim  River

Rijeka LimRiver Lim created at the height of 909.metara, NMV. by pouring from the Plav Lake. But the lake’s flow so that the water flow can be traced even further river Luci, who in his influence, to its creation by connecting pottery and Vruje in Gusinja. Grnčar , a stronger flow, called VERMOSA previously passing through Albania, a small VERMOSA and Montenegro where and springing. Its source is located below the highest peak of the mountain Maglića which is high 2142.m. NMV. and is only a few kilometers from the source of the river Tara, which is on the other side of Maglic. Black Mountain is located in the border area between Montenegro and Albania between Komova Zujeva in the north and the south in the area of ​​a house.
Lim is an international river, a distance of 220 km flowing through Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and flows into the Drina. It originates in the mountains of Montenegro Montenegro, only a few kilometers from the source Tara flows through the Plav Lake and flows into the Drina River between Gorazde and Visegrad.

Bojana river

Rijeka BojanaThe river Bojana arises from Lake Skadar. It is 44 km long, and by its water amount brought into the sea it is the third river on the Mediterranean . It is a natural habitat for various plants and animals. Bojana is a real natural wander due to its duality. Namely, at some places the bottom of the riverbed is between two and five metres under the sea level before it plunges into the sea. However, the most distinctive feature of the river Bojana is that the bottom of its riverbed is 36 km under the sea level, but in its upper part!  Although it has got that big flow, sea water rushes deeply upwards through its riverbed. Thus the first peculiar duality is created. In its riverbed there is both salty sea water and sweet river water. Sea water as being heavier, flows along the bottom of the riverbed towards St. George.The second duality of the river emerges in its underground flow. Namely, the former riverbed of the Bojana used to be about 40 metres above the present level of the basic rock at Fraskanjel. The river covered its former bed with gravel. Above the gravel  layers of clayish waterproof sediments have piled, into which the present riverbed of the Bojana was carved. Thus today there are two riverflows with the same direction, aiming towards the sea, one above the other, the surface waterflow and some 10 to 15 metres below the underground water flow.

Zeta river

Rijeka ZetaZeta River originates in upper area of the river Susica and Rastovac. Zeta generally flows south to the village Zavrh where losing part of the existing estavelles water, and the water appears in the accumulation Krupac. From here Zeta turns east toward Glibavcu, then still turns to the southeast and east of compensations to the pool, where the water tunnel and pipeline leading to HE “Perućica”. Before the construction of the hydropower system and the regulation of the riverbed Zeta, this aquifer is assembled southern rim Niksic field (Budoške ponds and Slivlje) to a few kilometers of water appeared on the hot heads Zetas. Since this spring, and spring Perućica and Oboštice, resulting watercourse Lower Zeta, which flows into the river Moraca. The total length of the river Zeta is about 85 km.




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