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Spa Resorts in Montenegro are crucial factors for montenegrin tourism, because of the beautiful nature and healing properties that spas have to offer. It is not strange that more and more tourists want to spend their vacation in some of the spas rather on montenegrin seaside.


Banja IgaloAt the crossroads between East and West in the heart of the Mediterranean,  overlooking the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world – Boka Kotorska lies Igalo. Igalo is part of Herceg Novi. It abounds in with the nice beaches. Natural factors, mild Mediterranean climate (285 days of the year the temperature is higher than 15 C, and 105 days is greater than 25 ° C, while the temperature from May to September, 22 to 26 degrees), mineral springs and curative mud, have made it possible igalo become famous health resort and an attractive tourist destination. Along the coast Igala are deposits of medicinal mud that covers the bottom of the sea. This sea mud is very curative.
Indications: Rheumatology Department , chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases, Diseases of the heart and blood vessels,  conditions after injuries to the locomotor nervous system disorders,  Skin diseases



PrcanjPrčanj is a village on the eastern coast of the peninsula Vrmac, as opposed to Dobrota, located in Boka Kotorska, most beautiful bay of the southern Adriatic. Prčanj is 8 km away from the old town of Kotor, which is under protection of UNESCO. The old town of sea captains Prčanj, is the 1920th year by the decision of the royal government declared a natural climatic health resort.
Air currents above the bay affecting plant life and the water, enriching the air with ions contained in seawater. It is acknowledged that such air, enriched with minerals and ions have positive affects at the respiratory system.



UlcinjIt is characteristic that Ulcinj sand and mud consist of about 30 mineral ingredient that favorably impact in the treatment of diseases of the spine, rheumatism, išijalgije, so that they can be used in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of countless diseases. In addition, the “Women’s Beach”, which is located between the hotel “Albatros” and “The Seagull”, is famous for its springs with medicinal sulphurous water, which has a beneficial effect in the treatment of female diseases and sterility.




kolasinKolasin was established by the Turks in the 17 th century. In the close vicinity of the town there is the always restless Tara river, as well as the Moraca river, and the town is surrounded by mountains, with Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc and Vucje protecting this town from all sides. Kolasin is situated at the altitude of 954 m and offers excellent vacation in winter, as well as in summer time. Due to its altitude and favourable climate, Kolasin is considered an air spa. A special attraction for the tourists is the Biogradsko lake, situated in the National park “Biogradska Gora”, which contains one of only three preserved wild forests in Europe. Biogradsko lake is situated at the altitude of 1094 m and it has extensive footpaths all around.



PlavPlav, right air spa, located in the middle of Plav-Gusinje valley and is surrounded by rugged and gigantic garlands, Prokletija, Visitora and Cakora. With their bare, stone toothed peaks, some of which are high and up to 2500 m, the view extends down the valley towards Lim and Metohija , and to Albanian towns. In their crevices and bays, bright small blue glacial lakes. Hridsko lake is located at an altitude of 1980 m below the peaks Bogićević (2650) m Over Hridskog lake comes with picturesque landscapes and Blue Gusinje and valleys Rip and Rupajine.



LovcenOn the slopes of the mountain Lovćen above Kotor a picturesque mountain village Njegusi is situated within the homonymous national park.Njegusi are known as the birthplace of the Petrovic dynasty, which ruled Montenegro from 1696 – 1918 years. With its altitude of around 900m and near the sea, Njegusi is the true air spa where the two climates intersect. It is almost untouched virgin area without any industry.



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