Cycling in Montenegro is very popular sport because this country has around 3,000 km of roads.
Coast itinerary offers countless opportunities lovers throughout the year. It stretches along the coastal mountain range of Orjena (north of the Bay of Kotor), through Lovćena until Rumija the south. You will have the feeling of walking “roof edge” that separates the sea from the rest of Montenegro … Even a day trip this way you will fulfill the beauty, fragrances, which provide a view of breathtaking. You will go to the paths where the endemic plants searched the world famous botanists. Mountain roads will lead and the ancient trading routes, in addition to military forts, old towns, villages and scenic towns of ethnographic significance. Geographic map with detailed descriptions and markings along the route is quite sufficient for orientation and safety. This route is part of the national development program “Wilderness Camping” and “Wilderness Biking,” the length and breadth of the wild beauty of Montenegro …

In the Mediterranean, there is simply no mountain world comparable to Montenegro, and now it is more and more accessible for bicycling. Altogether some 3,000 km of biking trails are identified for you to discover.When it comes to gear – a mountain bike or a trekking bicycle will be your best choice.

Juliana Behring, who made the first women’s record for Fastest World Circumnavigation by bicycle said when she biked through Montenegro: “Montenegro is one of the most beautiful parts I have cycled so far” Today you may also count with a growing number of exciting local trails, which used to be known only to few local bikers.  An example of a beautiful trail, which is part of a growingly successful adventure event, is the route of the ”Northern Challenge”. And in Montenegro, unlike many Alpine regions, you do not have to carry your bike to get to the most stunning sceneries! You can start at the doorstep of your accommodation –  be it nearly anywhere – and relax on the Adriatic coast at the end of your tour.



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