Montenegro has a lot to offer for hiking  groups. There are high mountains with deciduous forests, lakes, rivers and the shore near where you can walk and enjoy hiking.

Lovcen National Park

Deciduous forests and high pastures, most of the land is at about 1000m above sea level or above.It is suitable for walks during the summer because it is a little cooler.Lovcen National Park is home to wild boar and wolves, and large areas of forest. Very few human activities makes this park really wild place although located directly above the coastal tourist centers. In the spring and early summer meadows are full of wild flowers, including many species of orchids.

Skadar Lake National Park

Represents one of the largest freshwater lake in Europe, more than half of the lake belongs to Montenegro, while the second part belongs to Albania.The whole lake and the greater part of the coast is part of the National Park Skadar Lake and complete living world here is protected.

Is home to many species of wild birds.The lake is incredibly shallow, generally less than 10 meters!Surrounding the lake is largely covered with reeds and water lilies that provide home and protect the local species.One of the best ways to explore these areas for kayaking.

Biogradska Gora

Biogradska Gora is an area of ​​high plateau and deciduous forests, great for walking or cycling.This is one of the few areas where the trails are clearly marked so that it is easy to navigate.

Mount Durmitor

This mountain is a true bigger challenge. Here rises the highest peak in Montenegro, Bobatov kuk at 2,582 meters. Also there is titled national  Park. With its spacious summer pastures, crystal-clear lakes (mountain eyes) these mountains will leave you breathless.



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