Rafting and Canyoning

Tara River

Tara River is navigable for boats raft for an almost 100 kilometers. Canyon Tare can be divided into two parts: the upper part and the lower part of the canyon. There are two starting points for a raft boats, kayaks, canoes, hidrospeed – and other vessels. In the upper part of the canyon the starting point is Šlivansko (Splaviste), nearby Zabljak town, and from there begin rafting tours during which can runs through the entire canyon Tara.

Starting point of the canyon lower part is Brstanovica, the most attractive place for tourists and sportists. This section where the WORLD RAFTING CHAMPS 2009 was held, is about 25 kilometers long and ends in our rafting center. The Tara River hides majority rapids in this part and its often called “the adrenaline tour”. Rafting could be extended for twenty kilometers, from Šćepan Polje to Foca. Difficulty level of so-called white water rafting on Tara is moving from third to fifth level, depending on period, waters… which means that you should not go without a professional skipper and professional equipment.

Rafting season on Tara starts on 1st May and runs till October. Difficulty level is higher on beginning of year, reaches its maximum usually at beginning of May, and then proportionately decreases by the end of the summer.


Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is situated in the depths of Montenegrin rocks, where the slopes of Durmitor and Vojnik had century long battles due to geological tumult. It is the last conquered canyon in Europe. Montenegrin mountaineers conquered it in 1965. Symbolism of its name Nevidio (Not see) or Nevidbog (its other name) resembles the mysterious inaccessible characteristic of the canyon that was hidden from man’s eye for ages.
The canyon is 3.4 km long and it is situated 75 km away from Kolašin. The great waterfall of Grabovina is situated hundred meters before the entrance. Vertical rocks, waterfalls, narrow passages, tight canals and a gallery of figures are the main actors of the story surrounding canyon Nevidio. Other characteristics of the canyon are extreme as well: it is 0.5 – 150 meters wide; its height is from 350-400 meters; depth from 0.5 – 25 m and everything at an altitude of 1050 meters.
You can be part of a team that conquers this canyon, accompanied by professional guides.

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