Montenegro has two international airports: Podgorica Airport  i Tivat Airport . The airports had a combined traffic of over 1,000,000 passengers every year. There are also airports at Berane, Žabljak and Nikšić, but those are used mostly for general aviation, and are not equipped to handle larger aircraft .

Every year, many tourists book flights to come to Montenegro ,so airplane is one of the most important means of transport for tourists.

Podgorica Airport  is an international airport serving Montenegrin capital of Podgorica and the surrounding region. Airport Podgorica located 11km from the capital of Montenegro. Every day there are scheduled flights to Belgrade as well as to various European and world destinations. During the summer season there are many charter flights and air connections to all major cities of the world.

Adress: Aerodrom Podgorica , 81 000  Podgorica, PP 202
Crna Gora – Montenegro
Phone: +382 20 444 233
Fax:+382 20 444 231

Airport Tivat is the ideal choice of arrival to visit the Montenegro coast.  It is only 20km away from the tourist metropolis of Budva and less than 10 kilometers from Kotor. There are daily flights to Belgrade as well as to different European destinations. During the summer season there are charter flights to major cities of Europe and world.

Adress: Aerodrom Tivat , 85 320, P.F. 24

Crna Gora – Montenegro

Phone:  +382 32 670 960

Fax: +382 32 670 960



Montenegro Airlines
Jat Airways
Turkish Airlines
Moskovia Aero
Adria Airlines
Croatia Airlanes


Charter airlines that transport on the airport in Montenegro:

Malmo Aviatioan
Belavia Airlanes
Nord Star Airlines
Yamal Aero
Khors Air
Czech Airlines
Ural Airlines
Air ticket Globus Airlines
Air ticket Globus Airlines
Tomas Cook Airlines


Avion   Stjuardese



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