Overall length of roads in Montenegro is 5,277 km. The roads in Montenegro are categorized in the following way: Motorways (Autoputevi), Main roads (Magistralni putevi) , Regional roads (Regionalni putevi), Local roads (Lokalni putevi).

Main roads (Magistralni putevi) – roads connecting bigger cities and regions of Montenegro. Most of the main roads of Montenegro are listed with International E-road network, and are locally labeled with M letter followed by a number. Typically, these are paved roads of single carriageway type, featuring one lane per direction, with frequent addition of a third overtaking lane on sections with steep gradients. Curve radii usually allow speeds of up to 80 km/h, and width of a single traffic lane is usually at least 3m. Main roads listed with International E-road network in Montenegro are:

E65, E80 – Route E65/E80, locally M2 (Debeli Brijeg/Croatia – Petrovac – Podgorica – Kolašin – Berane – Rožaje – border with Serbia)

E762 – Route E762, locally M18 (Border with Albania – Božaj – Tuzi – Podgorica – Danilovgrad – Nikšić – Plužine – Šćepan Polje – border with Bosnia & Herzegovina)

E763 – Route E763, locally M21 (Bijelo Polje – border with Serbia)

E851– Route E851, locally M2.4 (Petrovac – Sutomore – Bar – Krute – Ulcinj – Sukobin – border with Albania)

To enter Montenegro, drivers of vehicles with foreign number plates need:

  • their national driving licence
  • registration document (together with permission to drive a car registered to a third party, if needed)

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