For Montenegro we can freely say that despite its natural wealth and all facilities which generously provides, it is also a land of festivals. They are held throughout the year and they have reach content- concerts, literary readings, exhibitions, theater plays, performances. Programs are varied and high-quality, full-day or evening, often visiting and world-renowned artists. In summer, place and music and film festivals, book fairs, art colonies. The most common – in the open air. During the winter holidays in the glory of flowers or wine flowing with a rich cultural program.

If you’re a fan of festivals, then you’ve made the right decision for your vacation, as numerous celebrations take place all over Montenegro every month. Events here are based on religious occasions, beloved folk traditions of music and dance and the changing of the seasons. Two of the favorites are the Kotor Carnival and the Mimosa Festival.

There are also numerous summer music festivals of local and electronic music, which have become a symbol of coastal towns. These are: Sunčane skale in Herceg Novi,  Petrovac Jazz Fest,  Budva Music Festival, Exit festival Sea Dance Festival on Jaz beach…


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